The Greater Albuquerque Political Action Committee or GAMAPAC is a voluntary, not for profit Committee of individual physicians of medicine and osteopathy and is neither affiliated with nor financially supported by any political party. Our mission is to encourage physicians to take an active and effective role in local health care matters.

We strive to:

1. Encourage physicians to understand the impact of local issues on health care legislation, to examine the voting and public records of office holders and to evaluate the qualifications for candidates for elective office,

2. Assist physicians to organize themselves for effective political action to promote civic responsibility and autonomy,

3. Educate political officials on the nature of health care related issues and their local impact,

4. Participate in and contribute actively to New Mexico legislative processes, and

5. Provide support to achieve any of these goals. Membership to GAMPAC is open to physicians who subscribe to the purposes of GAMAPAC and have contributed to GAMAPAC for the fiscal period from January 1 to December 31.

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